Solid-Liquid Separator

Who are we?

Priyadhar Intl Marketing Pvt. Ltd has been in the marketing business – providing environmental friendly Waste Water Solutions. The main objective is to design, develop and disseminate safe, sustainable and culturally appropriate sanitation solutions so that communities experience better health

How do we work?

Challenge The need for better sanitation in the developing world is clear. Over 2 billion people use toilets connected to septic tanks that are not safely emptied or use other systems that discharge raw sewage into open drains or surface waters.

Our Solution

Priyadhar’s Solid Liquid Separator  is a composting toilet utilizing ordinary Water Closets. Our  standard systems operate by using just the momentum of the flushing water, centrifugal force and gravity. Therefore, neither moving parts nor chemicals or electricity are needed in the separation and composting processes. Priyadhar’s Solid Liquid Separator Systems combine the comfort and hygiene of a WC system with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a bio-degrading toilet system.

Priyadhar’s Solid Liquid Separator is a key determinant of both equity in society and society’s ability to sustain itself. If we cannot meet the sanitation challenge described above, we will not be able to provide for the needs of the present generation without hindering that of future

The following criteria can be found in our Solid-Liquid Separator:

  • Prevent disease                     : It has capable of destroying or isolating faecal pathogens.
  • Affordable                              : Can be accessible to the world’s poorest people.
  • Protect the environment     : We can prevent pollution, return nutrients to the soil, and conserve valuable water resources.
  • Acceptable                             : It is aesthetically inoffensive and consistent with cultural and social values.

In short, Priyadhar’s Bio Eco Gravitational Solid Separator –   is robust enough to be easily maintained with the limitations of the local technical capacity, institutional framework and economic resources.

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